Rainy Day Blues. And Greens, Oranges, Yellows…

10 06 2008

Rainy days used to control my activities. There was once a time that if it was raining, I would refuse to leave the house even for the shortest of mailbox emptyings. Shameful, I know. Now I have freed myself from the tyranny of the weather and go on as if it were any other sunny, breezy, 17 degree day with a chance of ice cream.

Like today. Faced with the choice of staying inside and living on croutons and hot sauce until a more hospitable day or sucking it up like a big girl and going to the grocery store, I decided upon the latter. Taking it one step further, I even eshewed the bus and walked the 20 minutes. It wasn’t too bad either.

Now let me just say that I LOVE grocery shopping. LOVE IT. So much so that if I am forced to go with someone, it ruins my experience. A lot of the way I decide what I’m going to make starts at the grocery store. Walking down the aisles and finding one thing leads to a million ideas that domino down the entire store until my cart is a heap of seemingly random foods. “Oh! Tomatoes!… Avocados!… Jalepenos!… Lamb?… Black beans?… CHILI! Thursday: Check, done.”

More often that not, when someone goes with me to the grocery store it ends up ruining my process. Or, I just ignore that person the entire time and have to spend the next two hours explaining myself. But, all in all, grocery shopping relaxes me.

Rarely am I the kind to dive into bargain bins. I am not easily tempted with bright orange signs screaming “SALE! SALE! 30 CENTS OFF! TAKE WHAT WE GIVE YOU, PLEBES! SALE!!!” But today, I got drawn in. Now tell me, if you were getting a beautiful cut of top sirloin grilling steak for $4.50, would you say no?(mind you I’m not directing this at vegetarians, don’t get smart on me.) I sure didn’t, and thank science for that! It would pair perfectly with the organic button mushrooms and sweet potatoes I had grabbed earlier. Coincidence? Probably.

On to the action. I decided to toss the sweet potatoes in garlic oil, and for some extra flavor, threw on some of my trusty white pepper-clove mix that i keep on hand(so easy to make, and it goes with pretty much everything in my opinion). Season with salt and thrown into a 425 degree oven until crispy and we’ve got fries. No ordinary ketchup shall befoul sweet potatoes, ever, in my house, but a dollop of sour cream spiced lightly with cinnamon, ancho chili powder and cumin was decided upon. There are no words, people.

The steak, oh lawdy, the steak! In all honesty, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to seasoning red meat. I’m more of a purist and am of the belief that a perfectly rare steak is it’s own seasoning. This being the pattern, I did no more than to crush some white peppercorns and rub them on each side along with some herbs de provence and salt and seared it in about a tbsp of garlic oil and also of butter. Tossed in some button mushrooms as an afterthought to greedily scrape up any delectible vittles that were coating the pan and deglazed with balsamic vineagar.

So good was this meal that i didn’t even want to move afterwards for fear that I might lose some of the elation it caused. Yeah. All in all, the steak was great but it was really the fries and sour cream that stole the show. I will most definitely be making them again and again and again until I am nothing but sweet potatoes and sour cream encased within the flesh of a girl. If I start sprouting eyes in unexpected places, you will know why.

Current earmeats: The Queers.




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