Iced Tea Acrobatics

26 06 2008

For your amusement, a tale of green tea. Today’s post is brought to you by Tsunami Bomb, and the oft-embarrassing things I do when alone to entertain myself. Fortunately for me, I only need tell you of the ones I choose, and not the other stuff like that thing I do where I put on really thick socks and slide across my floors. That stays between me and my cats.

This is my super-top-secret, amazing, fantastic, never-get-your-hands-wet trick for making a large quantity of iced tea from tea bags(instead of a tea ball, which is infinitely more convenient but mine appears to have run away with a band of gypsies). I call it the “Happy Funtime Spicy Awesome Super Iced Tea Love Trapeze.” (It’s Japanese.) This is totally the way we do it in the “biz.” Well no, but it makes sense to me and it doesn’t scald your hands when you need to remove your tea bags.

All you need to construct your own iced tea trapeze is a chopstick or long bamboo skewer(made in Japan, I told you so!) and the kind of tea bags that come on a string. I’m sure you could somehow sew thread into regular tea bags if you desperately wanted to but really, who’s that messed up? You just need to tie your tea bags as close to the paper label as possible when getting them on the chopstick for maximum swimming abilities and POOF! You needn’t ever have to be treated for burn injuries after making large amounts of tea. Hopefully. I can’t guarantee that this will make you any less clumsy than you already may be.

Wanna know what else is fun about this? When you decide to stir in your honey/sugar/whatever you sweeten your drinks with(I recommend doing it half way through the steeping so it melts in nice and hot, just let the stick hang to the side of the jug with the bags still in the water), the tea bags get all tangled up from the spoon’s swirling. Big deal, you say? Au contraire, mon frere! When you lift them out of the water, they untwirl the opposite way and spin around like an unraveling maypole! Way fun! Ok, maybe that’s just me being weird again… Either way, here at Rockaberry, we love our tea. And you should too.




2 responses

15 09 2008

I`m sorry is my comment is not related to the iced tea, but I have to say that I adore your piercings! they are so beautiful!

Oh, and the iced tea idea is also nice :)

16 09 2008

LOL that’s ok, and thank you.

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