Fun Things To Do With Leftovers and Why I Love Days Off

11 11 2008


Breakfast. Love of my life! I haven’t had the opportunity to make an honest-to-goodness breakfast in, well, longer than since I cooked real honest-to-goodness dinner actually. Before the wedding cake, if I do recall. Well, it’s my day off and so with a clean kitchen and a fridge full of leftovers, today is brought to you by the letter “Mmmmm.”


Remember that whole pan of leftover braised vegetables you have, just lying around? Well they make for great fried pancakes, I tells ya! Just mash up a few spoonfuls until like chunky mashed potatoes, sweat off 2tbsp fine diced onions, add a pinch of salt and fry in a very buttery non-stick pan and there you have it. Vegetable hash browns. C’est magnifique! But, if you’re like me…


…you’ll go too far and make an hour long production of it, make too many, and decide that it would be best to add some thick cut bacon, eggs over hard, and a cup of strong Sumatra to the ordeal whilst offending your neighbors with your screamy music. Life is so hard, no?

I plan on spending the day lolling around sans pantalons, drinking too much coffee and creating aaahrt, daaahling. Because, hey, what are days off for if not life, liberty, and the pursuit of breakfast?

Currently listening to: August Burns Red.




2 responses

18 11 2008

I made roasted red pepper hummus tonight, then me and the g/f made veggie sandwiches with it. SO good.
I’m off to Tanzania for 2 months in about a week and I’m gonna start a blog to write in while I’m there. I added your blog as a link, I’ll send you the URL once I have a post or two in it. Cheers! Neil

18 11 2008

Leftovers rock like that, it makes you look at your food in a whole new way sometimes. What are you going to be doing in Tanzania? My dad was there for three years but didn’t really tell many stories so I’m excited to see what you’ll have to show us. Can’t wait to read it!

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