So It Begins…

9 06 2008

At a far too early time in the morning, I launch my new writing endeavor. Some of you might be familiar with my previous blog on the long-since antiquated “myspace,” but we all do grow. As it stands, I seem to have stopped writing the comedic rants and have gravitated more towards food photography. Being lame as I am, even though I live alone I take pride in my cooking and plate my meals accordingly. Rarely do I make the same thing twice unless I am thrown into a case of the “Old Mother Hubbards” and have no other choice, so it seemed only natural to choose food as my muse this time around. But enough preamble…

I have decided to combine the two most important things in my life: food and music. It is a little-known fact amongst my friends and family that i have a touch of synethsesia which lends itself well to my cooking. Many times people will ask me to try and explain my creative process when coming up with new recipes and questionable flavor combinations. Well, you asked for it. I have dedicated this endeavor to trying to explain to the world(or more likely, just my friends and family) just how I get from brainmeats to mincemeats. Let me just tell you now that a lot of it has to do with music.

So, here you all are. My first post on my newest voyage into the intersphere. Promises of pictures now to include commentary, backstories and possible recipes are my gifts to you, as well as a more cared-for and loved blog feed. Oh yeah, and once-shunned capitalization is no more! Onwards and upwards!

Currently earmeats: Nekromantix, assorted playlist.