Born of robot parts, tattoo inks and unreasonable footwear, your devoted vittle-scribbler emerges to take on even the most daunting of culinary challenges! Armed with a toolbox of tasty-making apparatus, a laptop and the wits in her head, our heroine charges forth on a mission to save the world from mundane meals, white foods, beef gravy, zombies and most importantly, carrots.

Culinary school graduate and employment nomad, yours truly ventures forth on a constant search for the perfect taste experience, fighting evil cyborgs, fuzzy-chested Italians, hare krishnas and malfucntioning appliances on the path towards gastronomical nirvana, and possibly a job.


2 responses

17 06 2008
Partha Sarathi

wow. Nice description. i mean well defined, insightful idea of what kinda person you are. very nice. btw i liked the father day recipe.

17 06 2008

thanks : )

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