Mid-day Gin, and Weezing the Juice

12 06 2008

Today is brought to you by train bridges, gin and tonics, and crazy super health juice. Oh, and Josh. He’s my happy-maker!

Fairly uneventful morning, and most of the afternoon. Hiked down to the local hippy foodstuffs emporium for a late afternoon of cocktails and videogame talk until afternoon became evening and evening became dizzy. My companion in patio vagrancy was the ever-wonderful Josh, whom you all must thank for being forgetful otherwise this post would not exist and I wouldn’t be able to tell you tales of superjuice and videogame geekeries.

As it turned out, our dear hero had forgotten his work attire and liquor funds in another dimension so he called upon the aid of his life-givers. After about 45 minutes, the afternoon was free to continue.

Apparently Ma and Pa don’t travel without samples of their wares; a certain Mona Vie wellness superjuice. (They also caused quite the kerfuffle with the staff of the restaurant who initially assumed that they were giving out free wine.) Let me just tell you something about juice. Y’all don’t KNOW from juice, people.

Modelling the juice a la Vannah White.

Ever the skeptic, when she poured me a shot of the stuff and I could see chunks floating in the cup, I thought one of two things. Either it was going to be hella-nasty and hard to swallow, or it was actually for real, honest to goodness juice product. If you chose option two, you’d be correct.

I am hardly qualified to extol the virtues of this superjuice to you, but from what I remember being told each 1 1/2 oz. of the stuff packs four servings of fruits and vegetables. Pretty easy to swallow, no? It also tasted pretty damn good too. Imagine berry smoothie without the dairy or extra sweetener. On a scale of gold stars, I award it 4.5; the missing half star is a result of the wine-bottle packaging that is an unashamed mockery of your initial expectations. If you are in the Sudbury, Ontario area and are interested in said superjuice, you can send an email to Yvonne and Doug at ded52@sympatico.ca.

Also: Fable 2 to come out in October. Must aquire XBox 360 somehow. Have a feeling that a Mystique costume, extortion and lenghts of nylon rope might be in my future. Plotting…

This is my thinking gin.

Earmeats of the day: Rejected songs of the psychedelic era and karaoke, I am sad to report.